Consent or Relinquishment by Minor Parent in Utah

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Consent or Relinquishment by Minor Parent in Utah

Utah adoption law provides that a minor parent has power both to consent to the adoption of the minor’s child, and also to relinquish custody or control of the child for purposes of an adoption.  Utah Code 78B-6-123 provides that a minor’s consent or relinquishment is valid and has the same force and effect as though the consent or relinquishment had been made by an adult parent.

Where some laws in Utah provide certain protections for agreements are acts executed by minors (e.g. contracts executed by minors), adoption law is an exception.  Utah adoption law allows a minor parent to make a legally binding decision regarding consent and relinquishment of a child for adoption, and further provides that the parent cannot revoke that consent upon reaching majority or otherwise becoming emancipated.

Utah adoption law mandates that a consent or relinquishment comply with certain procedural and legal requirements.  A Utah adoption attorney can help you successfully navigate Utah’s adoption system.

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