Adult Adoptions in Utah

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The process may be easier than you expect.

The adult adoption process can be much simpler than adoptions involving an infant, minor child, or stepchild. Lengthy statutory processes that are involved in adopting a minor child are not required when the adoption involves an adult. The entire adult adoption process is often faster and less expensive than many people expect.

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Utah Legal Requirements for Adult Adoptions

A person petitioning to adopt an adult must be at least 10 years older than the person being adopted. The adoptee must be a U.S. citizen or otherwise be in the United States legally. If the petitioner is married, the petitioner’s spouse must consent to the adoption. Consent is also required from the person being adopted (or from that person’s legally appointed guardian or custodian if one exists).

Adult Adoption by Stepparents

Stepparents often spend years raising a child – caring for, providing for, and loving the child as much as they would their own biological child. There may be no emotional difference between the stepparent-stepchild relationship and a biological parent-child relationship. The legal differences can still be significant without a formal adoption.