Do I need a last will and testament in Utah?

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Do I need a last will and testament in Utah?

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A last will and testament is one of the most fundamental parts of any estate plan. Every person who owns property, is married, or has children should consider making a will. Making a will is not something that is reserved for only the wealthy. As a Utah wills and trusts attorney, Stephen Howard can help you understand the benefits of creating a personalized will, and help determine what other estate planning tools will be most effective for your situation.

The need to have a will in Utah depends on your personal and family situation, the nature and extent of your property or assets, obligations you may have to dependents, and what you want to happen to your property and assets after your death. Most people will benefit by having a will. In some cases, creating a living trust along with your will may be wise. The following links provide information on how a will may benefit individuals under various circumstances. This estate planning information is intended as general information, and is not a substitute for personal legal advice. You are strongly encouraged to contact an estate planning attorney for a consultation regarding what solutions are best suited to your circumstances.

Unmarried, with no children
– Unmarried, with children
– Married, with no children
– Married, with children (traditional family)
– Married, with children (blended family)

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