Aggravated Assault – Felony Defense

Aggravated assault is a felony criminal charge in Utah. Understanding consequences and potential defenses can help in achieving a successful result.

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Defending Felony Assault Charges in Utah

An aggravated assault charge in Utah can result in prison time, thousands of dollars in fines, and leave you labeled as a convicted felon. As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, Stephen Howard has the knowledge, skill, and determination to help you get the results you need.

Many attorneys claim to “fight hard” and be “aggressive.” But if you are facing aggravated assault or other serious criminal charges in Utah, you need more than a sales pitch.  You deserve straight talk from an experienced attorney with a record of achieving real results. Stephen Howard has achieved not guilty verdicts or dismissals on charges including aggravated assault, aggravated robbery, burglary, domestic violence, and many more. Contact us to see how he can help you.

How An Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

  • An experienced criminal lawyer can improve your chances of staying out of jail or prison.
  • A criminal lawyer with a record of success can assess, investigate, and prepare your case to give you the best chance of a not guilty verdict at trial.
  • Your lawyer can help you explore other possible options for resolving your case, including a plea in abeyance, diversion program, reduced charges, or probation.
  • If you decide to resolve your case rather than take it to trial, an attorney with extensive negotiating experience can help you get the best possible offer from a prosecutor.
  • A good criminal lawyer may be able identify defenses you may not be aware of.
  • Your lawyer can make sure that your constitutional rights are protect.
  • Early intervention by your attorney can sometimes prevent charges from being filed.
  • If charges are filed, your lawyer may be able to avoid having a warrant issued for your arrest by arranging for a summons or surrender.
  • If you are facing a sentencing hearing, a good attorney can help you prepare by taking steps that will put you in the best position to get probation rather than jail or prison time.

Aggravated Assault – Consequences of Conviction

A simple assault charge becomes aggravated assault when a weapon is involved or serious injuries are caused.  Aggravated assault charges in Utah can be filed as second or third degree felonies.  At the second degree level, a conviction can mean up to 15 years in prison and/or $19,000 in fines (including surcharge).

A conviction for aggravated assault in Salt Lake City will also leave you labeled as a convicted felon.  Even if you are able to avoid jail or prison time, a felony conviction for aggravated assault can affect your ability to get a job or rent an apartment or home, your right to carry a firearm or other weapon, and much more.

Possible Defenses to an Aggravated Assault Case

  • Self defense
  • Lack of evidence
  • State or Federal constitutional violations
  • Jurisdictional problems
  • Mistaken identity
  • Witness credibility
  • Others

If you are facing aggravated assault charges or other crimes in Salt Lake City, you deserve an experienced criminal lawyer who can make the most of possible defense in your case and help you get the best possible results for your case.  

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